Village Strategy


In 2007, the Parish Council adopted a very ambitious strategy for the 2007-2011 period, aimed at providing material improvements for Blakeney residents.

(Readopted & updated by BPC 5th November 2013)



Financial Years of      2011/2012 =

2012/2013 =

2013/2014 = Current

2014/2015 =


Blakeney Parish Council will endeavour to:-

  • Deliver services to the highest quality in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and value for money as a whole.
  • Conduct business openly and democratically consulting with parishioners and interested parties when appropriate.
  • Comply with the adopted ‘Code of Conduct’ and the Nolan Principles in public life.
  • Obtain from 2nd Parties the best possible service value whether from statutory bodies or sub contracted services.
  • Act  in the best interests of local people in making representations to;


(a) North Norfolk District Council.

(b) Norfolk County Council.

(c) Outside Agencies.

(d) Central Government.

(e) Other appropriate private or public sector groups.



2.1.          The Parish Council has adopted the principles and spirit of Best             Value and Best Value practices as expected of all Parish Councils:

    • Challenge why, how and by whom a service is being provided;
    • Compare performance with the performance of other parish councils and organisations providing similar services;
    • Consult local people and key partners, including local businesses and voluntary organisations in setting out priorities.
    • Use fair and open Competition wherever practicable as a means of securing efficient and effective services as a whole.
    • Collaboration.  Best value places a very onerous duty on principal authorities.  A major element of this is the duty to consult with the local community.  Parish councils are perfectly placed to represent the views of their community to principal authorities.  There must be collaboration between tiers of local government.


2.2.                   All Parish Council services will be reviewed on a four/five year cycle including an initial year review by the incoming parish council and may resemble the following or be purely an ongoing matter;

Year 1 Consolidation and review of previous Parish Council

Committee Structure and Service Evaluation.

Year 2             Parish Office Administration

3 tier Partnerships & other Agreements.


Year 3 Car Parks, Signs & Seats

Local Economy & Village Infrastructure.


Year 4 Public Footpaths & Open Spaces

Community Groups & Civic Amenities.


Year 5 Land & Property

Community Development, Planning & Village Design.


3.1.                   The Parish Council shall annually review the following:-

  • Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Parties, Advisory Groups, Appointed Representatives and elected member Officers.
  • Ensure complaints procedure for use by the public is in place.  (Policy adopted.)
  • Appropriate Health & Safety Policy that complies with the relevant legislation.  (Policy adopted.)
  • Preference will be given to locally based suppliers of goods and services as dictated by ‘Best Value’ where possible, subject to any tendering procedures.


3.2.                   Shall reply to all correspondence within 10 working days whenever possible.


4.1.                   The Council shall annually review:-

    • Maximise income derived from various sources
    • Residents Pass & Discretionary Passes awarded for previous year.
    • Components of the Precept and adjust accordingly.
    • Prepare accounts to comply with the Account & Audit Regulations 2008, with advice from the Internal & External Auditor.
    • Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance Values.
    • Maintain VAT returns complying with regulations as required by law.
    •  Standing Orders and Financial Regulations as required.
    • Make the appropriate returns to Inland Revenue as required by law.



  1. The Council will consult with local people regarding the provision of new facilities.
  1. The Council will maintain all its land & properties to an appropriate standard.



6.1.  Agency agreements shall only be entered into where the Parish Council is satisfied that ‘Best Value’ principles can be demonstrated.


7.1.                   The Parish Councils established Community Fund is derived from part of the net proceeds of the Carnser Car Park.  The Council will annually review:-

  • The fund is ring fenced for the benefit of local community groups.
  • Grant applications from local organisations are funded.
  • The performance of the fund and grant giving procedures.


8.1.                   The Council will continue to seek to establish positive partnerships whenever the priorities of ‘Best Value’ can be demonstrated.


9.1.   All Employees of the Council are entitled to:


  • A Contract of Employment and Job Description, each subject to terms and conditions as determined by the current Employment Law & will consider Pension Arrangements for the Parish Clerk.
  • Adequate training.
  • Recognise the National terms & conditions (the green book) in respect of staff pay and grades.


9.2.   The council will strive to:


  • Be an equal opportunities employer.
  • Provide an annual staff appraisal.
  • Establish and maintain grievance and disciplinary procedures.
  • Employ local people where appropriate.




10.1. The Parish Council shall:-


    • Advertise the public participation session as designated at each Council meeting.
    • Hold an Annual Parish Meeting & Village Conference in March/April/May each year.
    • Encourage all Community Groups to participate in an Exhibition prior to the APM & Village Conference and to give an opportunity to report at the meeting.
    • Produce one comprehensive Annual Report each year comprising the years past activities and general accounts as part of the Glaven Valley Newsletter.
    • Make regular monthly reports in the Glaven Valley Newsletter to keep parishioners informed of its on going activities.
    • Maintain an open door policy at the Parish Office for a defined period on a Tuesday & Thursday morning (9-11am).   Parishioners and Councillors are encouraged to use the office to raise issues with the Clerk of local concern or to report ongoing activities, or for general information on council business.
    • Arrange for the Clerk of the Council to be available by appointment at other times of mutual convenience or via the telephone, fax or e-mail.
    • Establish Advisory Groups where necessary to deal with issues or areas of common interest.
    • Consult with appropriate local groups and businesses whenever possible on relevant issues.
    • Consult with elected local members of the District and County Council and elected or appointed representatives of other bodies 
    • Maintain its public notice boards and update them as and when required.
    • Consider establishing a Parish Plan or similar to carry out an audit of village services and amenities in order to establish the desires of the parishioners.




Completed during 2007 – 2011


  • Replacing Post & Rail Fence – Outside Parish Office – COMPLETED 2011.
  • Repainting outside of Parish OfficeCOMPLETED 2011.
  • Parish Council Marquee purchase COMPLETED 2011.
  • Power of Wellbeing – Clerk to obtain the additional module required – COMPLETED 2011.
  • Erection of Street Light – Outside the Spar Shop in Westgate Street.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Raised Footpath by brick bus shelter – To alleviate the puddle/flood problem.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • The Pastures – Banking work.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Installation of Speed Ramp – at the entrance to the Village Hall Car Park, following a number of requests.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Installation of Safety Bollards – at quayside.  COMPLETED 2010 
  • Perspex Bus Shelter – New shelter to be located at the actual bus stop point on the A148, New Road.  COMPLETED 2010. 
  • Recycling Area – Refurbishment of this area, by way of solid reinforced concrete base and closed fencing.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Establish a Web Site detailing its activities and promoting the services offered by the village.  Tim & Tracey have made a start on this, and hope to have it completed and live very soon.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Establishing a Right of Way on the Definitive Map for the footpath between Saxlingham Road & Wiveton Road, via Old Rectory Lane.  COMPLETED 2011 – However, Right of Way was not granted by NCC.
  • Engagement with Youth – This work is being undertaken in conjunction with Nula Cooper from ‘Locality Youth Worker’ at Norfolk County Council.  ONGOING – Extremely slow process.. 
  • Coronation Car Park – Tidier permanent dividing barrier installed.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Electricity Supply on Carnser Car Park – To supply three trading sites (current/future) and to provide an outlet for village events on the quayside.  Enquiries are being made.  COMPLETED 2010. 
  • Defibrilator  - Installed on the Quayside for use by any member of the public.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Double Yellow Lines – Langham Road, from the junction opposite Queens Close and along other strategic points in the High Street.  COMPLETED 2010.
  • Christmas Lights – Successful illumination of a tree on The Pastures December.  COMPLETED 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.
  • Playing Field Additional Pedestrian Access –  COMPLETED 2009.
  • War Memorial Cottages Trustees – Both to have outside remedial repair work carried out.  COMPLETED 2009.
  • Community Fund –  COMPLETED – However this fund is distributed each financial year.
  •  Village Hall Car Park Extension – COMPLETED 2009.
  • Power of Wellbeing Training – At least 80% of members to be trained – COMPLETED 2009.
  • Public Fireworks Event – Held very successfully October 2007, 2008, 2009.  COMPLETED.
  • Lower Quay Repairs 2008 – Successfully carried out by Simon Strong of Glaven Landscapes.  COMPLETED 2008.
  • Langham Road Footpath – Installation of new footpath.  COMPLETED 2008.
  • Redecoration & Refurbishment inside of Parish Office – First time since built in 2001.  COMPLETED 2008.
  • Management Group of the Dinghy Park – Successfully set up and managing the Dinghy Park well, and carrying out improvement works 2008.  COMPLETED 2008.
  • Replacement of Picket Fence/Church Hall – Erected by Simon Strong of Glaven Landscapes.  COMPLETED 2007.
  • Levelling of Football Pitch – and surrounding area.  Agreed to look into the possibility and obtain quotations etc.  PENDING – Possible community project for the likes of CITB when they are able.
  • Traffic Consultation Open Day – Held very successfully on Saturday 1st September 2007 in the Village Hall.  Report now compiled and subject to be taken to the Annual Parish Meeting on 1st May 2008.  COMPLETED.
  • Quality Parish Council Status – Obtained in December 2007 -  COMPLETED 2007.




From 2011 onwards – possible proposals for partnership funding are:-

  • Dredging Works in Quay – Proposed scheme to be drawn up for the problem area (siltation) by the Carnser Bridge.  Funding to be applied for via ‘Scira’ etc.  (Dinghy Park Management Group are leading this.£10K grant received from ‘Sheringham Shoal Offshore Windfarm’.  ONGOING.
  • Affordable Housing – in conjunction with NNDC & Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society.




·      The Parish Council shall consider or have already committed themselves to the following Projects 2011 -2015;

COMPLETED IN 2011 (& years since)


  • Planning Applications; Consultation – Responded to every Planning Application which has affected the parish of Blakeney, whilst noting the comments shared with us by members of the public.  NNDC meetings attended when necessary. 
  • Sheila’s Way Footpath – Resurfaced.
  • Marine Conservation Zones – Reference Areas – Meetings with other local representatives, with regard the designation of marsh areas.
  • Circus Ferrel Visit
  • Fireworks & Bonfire Event




  • Christmas Lights on Quay
  • Glaven Caring Centre & Victory Housing Fully supported the Centre on the wishes with regard the Centre and the empty Wardens House, alas Victory did not fulfil the Centres wishes 
  • Housing Allocation – Meetings attended with NNDC & Victory to try and get them to change their allocation policy, thereby allocating affordable properties in the parish to local people, and certainly not outside of the district. Policy change due to be implemented October 2013.
  • Flood Siren Attendance at meetings and representing the Parish, before the final decision as to retain or not is taken be BPC.  They have been decommissioned by NCC. 
  • Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012 – A Street Party in the High Street on the Bank Holiday Monday, with a BBQ on Quay and an Open Air Church Service on The Pastures with either a BBQ or Picnic.  Committee to be set up. 
  • War Memorial Cottages – No. 2 – Property renovated using the ‘Power of Wellbeing’ and re-let. 
  • Power of Wellbeing
  • Coasthopper Bus – Our full effort of support has gone into retaining this excellent service for locals and visitors alike.
  • Fireworks & Bonfire Event
  • Circus Ferrel Visit
  • Ambulance Service Response Times – Backed and pushed a campaign for better response time and more ambulances in the rural areas.  Meetings attended.
  • The Pastures Driveway Resurfaced – One third paid by The Residents of The Pastures, one third The Blakeney Hotel and one third Blakeney Parish Council.
  • Revamped Website




  • Carnser Car Park – New Entrance & Exit; 75% funding by NCC Highways Partnership Funding Grant.
  • Fireworks & Bonfire Event
  • General Power of Competence
  • Old Rectory Lane – To be recognised and recorded as an official Right of Way of the Definitive Map.
  • Village Welcome Pack – Full support given to the Glaven Caring Committee with this project.
  • Affordable Housing – Assist with the provision off, for Local People on the ‘Exceptions Policy Site’ attached to the proposed housing development up Langham Road, if this can be achieved.
  • Vodafone ‘Femto Trials’ – Successful bid to have this scheme installed on buildings in the parish.  The result is better signal/reception for those on Vodafone, who have the minimum of a 3G phone.
  • Brick Bus Shelter – Planning permission now received to convert this into; A public toilet, Parish Council store and shelter area. 
  • War Memorial Cottages – No. 1 – Property being renovated using the ‘Power of Wellbeing’ and in the process of being re-let. 




  • Coronation Car Park – Annual Maintenance.  ONGOING.
  • Village Hall Car Park – Annual Maintenance.  ONGOING.
  • Annual Fireworks Event on CarnserONGOING.
  • Christmas Lights on Pastures & The Quayside ONGOING.
  • Community Fund – To be considered each year by the Full Council.  ONGOING.
  • Traffic Consultation Report – This is to be progressed and followed through in order to ascertain what is and is not possible.  ONGOING.
  • Recreation Committee Formed – To establish ideas and undertake public consultation with regard new items for the ‘over 11’s’ on the Playing Field.  £22K due to come in from the Hill Residential, Langham Road Development, via the Section 106 scheme.  (Likely to be summer 2014.)  £15K grant received from the Environment Project Agency, £5K grant from the NNDC ‘Big Society Fund’, £200 from ‘Spar’, £100 from Morston Parish Council and one unsuccessful application for £10K with the Norfolk Community Foundation.  ONGOING.
  • Footpath at brow of hill on Morston Road – Look further into this with highways, who support such a scheme in principle, subject to land ownership and  cost.  ONGOING.
  • Removable Bollards on Carnser – Information, design and prices being sort, in order to replace the unsightly plastic cones with wood effect bollards.  IN PROGRESS.
  • Finger Information Signs – In order to reduce the number of ‘A’ board signs on green – IN PROGRESS.
  • Quality Parish Status Reaccreditation – Due at end of 2011.  STILL AWAITIING ANNOUNCMENT OF NEW SCHEME.
  • Dredging of Channel into Blakeney Quay – Dinghy Park Management Committee working on this – IN PROGRESS.




  • Affordable Housing/War Memorial Cottages ­- Redevelopment of the War Memorial Cottages Site. 
  • Permanent Road Signage – Consult with Highways over the possibility of installing 2 SAM’s (Speed Awareness Messaging) signs in place of the current flashing signs, which seem to be mostly ignored.  Either with or without highways financial support and also and accident black spot sign near the church, where the four junctions meet on the Coast Road. 




  • Quayside Erosion – Stabilization plan; quotations received – ON HOLD WITH N/T.
  • Verge Cutting – Consider the areas in the village, now that NNDC no longer undertake any and NCC the minimum of 5 cuts per year – Figures being obtained/compared.