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Local Community Groups


Blakeney is a busy village with three Churches, a Primary School and a wealth of different community groups with something for everyone in all age groups.

Here we have included some information on these groups and details for how to find out more about them.

Click here for details on Community events.


Blakeney Primary School

Wiveton Road, Blakeney, Norfolk, NR25 7NJ
01263 740531


email office@blakeney.norfolk.sch.uk



St Nicholas’ Church

Cley Road, Blakeney

Rector The Reverend Libby Dady
The Rectory, Blakeney
Tel: 01263 740686   email reverend.libby@yahoo.co.uk

 Friends of St Nicholas’ Church

Contact: Kevin Aikens

Blakeney Catholic Church

Top of the High Street, Blakeney
Priest in Residence Fr William AJ Wells (the house behind the church)
Contact: Father Keith Tulloch, Tel: 01328 821353

Blakeney Methodist Church

High Street, Blakeney
Minister The Rev Jenny Pathmarajah Tel: 01263 712181

Local Interest Groups

Blakeney Area Historical Society

Contact: Diana Cooke, Tel: 01263 740320   email  secretary-bahs@bahs.uk

Blakeney Neighbourhood Housing Society

Contact: Lal Wright, Tel: 01263 740589

Glaven Caring

Contact: Maureen Buckey, Tel: 01263 740762

National Groups

Blakeney Royal British Legion

Contact: Gary Mears, Tel: 01263 741018

Blakeney Royal British Legion Women’s Section

Contact: Joan Wade, Tel: 01263 740898

1st Blakeney Cubs & Beavers

Contact: Danny Tutt 07949 734744 / 01328 830669  dannytutt@gmail.com

The National Trust

Friary Farm,  Blakeney NR25 7NW
Contact: Iain Wolfe (Visitor Services Manager), Tel: 01263 740241 email iain.wolfe@nationaltrust.org.uk

Social Groups

Blakeney Ladies Lunch Club

Contact: Val Cox, Tel: 01263 741653

Active Groups

Blakeney Bridge Club

Contact: Barbara Bent, Tel: 01263 741508

Blakeney Harbour Association

Contact: Neil Thompson, Tel: 01263 741172

Blakeney Players

Contact: Joss Wiggins (Secretary), Tel: 01263 861529

Blakeney& District Wildfowler’s Association

Contact: Cobo, Tel: 01263 740764

Sporting Groups

Blakeney Badminton

Contact: Contact: Mick Finn, Tel: 01263 715681

Blakeney Sports Club (inc Tennis)

Contact: to Book via Blakeney Post Office – 01263 741315 – for Membership Enquiries contact James Cowan on 01263 740158

Blakeney Sailing Club

Contact: Edward Allen    www.blakeneysailing.co.uk

Blakeney Rowing Club

Contact: Dr Antonia Hardcastle, Tel: 01263 740523

Country & Western Line and Sequence Dancing

Contact: Mary Taylor, Tel: 01328 829052

Blakeney Carpet Bowls

Most Tuesdays at Blakeney Village Hall, 19:00

Contact: Richard Millward, Tel: 01263 740807


Contact: Rick Retallick, Tel: 07751 260917 or email lifebalance@gmx.co.uk


Many of the events listed above are held at either Blakeney Village Hall or the Harbour Rooms.
Here are the details for contacting these and other venues within the village:


Blakeney Village Hall

Langham Road, Blakeney NR25 7PG
For bookings contact: Terry Simmonds, Tel: 01263 740787

Blakeney Harbour Room

High Street, Blakeney,
Tel: 01263 741666  www.blakeneyharbourroom.co.uk

Blakeney Scout Hut

Next to Blakeney village Hall, Langham Road Blakeney, NR25 7PG
For bookings contact: June Preston, Tel: 01328 830411

St Nicholas’ Church Rooms

Opposite Blakeney Quay